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At Akiyoshidai Geopark, you can go on a "Geo Tour" trip to find "great". This tour is a place where you can learn the earth (geo and the earth) and enjoy the whole area of ​​Geopark, a place where you can enjoy the whole place. This tour not only enjoys the scenery, but also allows the local residents to learn and understand while enjoying the story of Geo. As a guide, we will guide you through the route that suits you.

【 Recommended plan 】

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Trekking Akiyoshidai with a guide!Please leave the route to the guide.
We will introduce how to enjoy Akiyoshidai in each season.

●Akiyoshidai 1 hour course:Easy walking course
・Karstar → Wakatakeyama → Myomihara → Observatory
・Chojagamori parking lot → Kitayama → Chojagamori parking lot

妙見原 北山 長者ヶ森

●Akiyoshidai 2-hour course:Healthy legs course around the superb view point
・Chojagamori parking lot → Jigokudai → Kanzan → Chojagamori → Chojagamori parking lot
・Chojagamori parking lot → Dorine field → Return water → Kikyogahara → Managagatake → Chojagamori parking lot
・Akiyoshidai Family Travel Village → Ryugo Peak → Ochiyama → West Nishiyama → Akiyoshidai Family Travel Village

冠山 ドリーネ畑

Welcome to the underground world!Cave exploration with a guide!

●Akiyoshido 1.5 hour course:See the stalactites in Akiyoshido, the largest in Japan!
●Taishodo 1.5 hour course:Let's see how the cave grows in the Taisho cave which expands up and down!
●Kiyokagedo 2 hour course:Let's experience the darkness in Jingcheon-dong, where you can see how the cave melts!

秋芳洞 大正洞 景清洞

Visit both Akiyoshidai and Akiyoshido, and pay attention to how the karst plateau is made!

●Akiyoshidai (Karstar / Observatory) → Akiyoshido

展望台 カルスト台地 秋芳洞

Let's take a look at the lifestyle, customs and culture of the people living in Akiyoshidai!

●Beppu Benten Pond → Town Walk → Gangwon → Shiramizu Pond(* Area where it is difficult to secure water)

別府弁天池 江原 白水の池

A trip around three miracles that are the theme of Mine Akiyoshidai Geopark

Thinking about the future of the area while visiting the image of the town "Mine" returned at the mine!
Karstar → Akiyoshidai → Sakurayama (tour to open-air drilling) → Momo tree excavation site → Nagato copper mine site
* It is also possible to guide each site individually.

桜山 桃の木 長登銅山

【 Guide fee 】

Time Basic charge 1 hour
Price 1 ,000 yen 2,500 yen

※1 guide for 1 hour: 3,500 yen, 1 guide for 2 hours: 6,000 yen.
※If it takes a long time, please contact us.

Our Geoguide will guide you


Many of the Akiyoshidai Geoguides are local residents. The people living here tell the story of the earth and geology of the vast Akiyoshidai and the nature and people who live there. If you walk with a geoguide, the scenery in front of you will change.

ジオガイド ジオガイド

While watching the beautiful scenery, the stones falling on the roadside, The creatures living there, How to get involved and connect ...
Why do not you listen to Akiyoshidai's story once?


Guide fee, reservation method, etc.
For details, go to Akiyoshidai Geopark



Mine Akiyoshidai Geopark's base facility "Karstar" is a tourist information center that provides information on Geoparks. Here, the staff gives guidance about Geopark and how to enjoy it.

Karstarの様子 Karstarの様子

Since events and workshops are held regularly, it is popular as a place where you can easily touch the geopark.

Karstarの様子 Karstarの様子

You can also apply for a geotour here.
Pre-registration for Geo Tour is certain, If there is space, you may be able to participate on the day.