One of the largest limestone caves in the Orient at the foot of Akiyoshidai

― Special Natural Monument - Akiyoshido ―


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Akiyoshido is one of the largest limestone caves in Japan, which opens at the southern foot of the Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park 100 meters underground.
Passing through the chilly cedar grove that cools the skin, you will find the entrance to Akiyoshido. The sightseeing course in the cave is about 1 km (the total length exceeds 10.7 km and is the second largest in Japan), the temperature is constant at 17 ° C throughout the seasons, the summer is cool and the winter is warm, and you can enjoy sightseeing comfortably. The mysterious forms of nature, as if the time has frozen, are so varied that they can inspire our hearts.

  • 秋芳洞
  • 秋芳洞
Akiyoshido DATA
location 3506-2 Akiyoshi, Akiyoshi Town, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Entrance reception and closing time 8: 30~17: 30 Closed cave 18:30 ※ March-November Normal period
8: 30~16: 30 Closed cave 17:30 ※ December ~ February low season
* Entrance from the entrance to the Kuroya entrance / elevator until 16:30
Travel time Approximately 60 minutes (round trip 90 minutes)
To Akiyoshidai (Karst Observation Deck), you can use the elevator entrance in the middle of the cave from 2019.6.29.
Wheelchair rental free
Reception at Akiyoshidai Tourist Exchange Center 1F Information Center (advance reservations are possible)
* Please confirm the wheelchair accessible area in advance. ⇒ Akiyoshi-do map
Holiday Open year round
Traffic access 45 minutes by bus from JR Shin Yamaguchi Station and get off at Akiyoshido
5 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi Road `` Akiyoshidai IC '' via Chugoku Expressway `` Mine East JCT ''
Parking information Near the front entrance
・ Municipal first parking lot (213), Municipal second parking lot (357) ・ Closed during off season
 Opening hours: 8: 30~16: 30 (can be left after 16:30) GW / Obon period changes
 Use once a day Regular car 500 yen Motorcycle free
・Reserved bus parking lot (18 buses, free)
Near Kuroya entrance
・120 cars and 10 buses are free
Near the elevator entrance
・150 cars and 2 buses are free
General information desk Akiyoshidai Tourism Exchange Center General Information Center (Mine City Tourism Association)
TEL: 0837-62-0115
Group reservation window Kuroya Information Center
TEL: 0837-62-0103
Viewing reservation form: For general groups For school excursion
Sightseeing guide reservation window Akiyoshido Information Center
TEL: 0837-62-0018
※ 1 hour 1,500 yen
Public transportation information desk Akiyoshidai Tourism Exchange Center General Information Center (Mine City Tourism Association)
TEL: 0837-62-0115

Mine Akiyoshidai Geopark

Geopark is a word that combines "Earth and Earth (Geo)" and "Park (Park)". It means "Earth Park". A place where you can do it. Akiyoshidai Geopark is one of the Japan Geoparks approved by the Japan Geopark Committee.


Mine Akiyoshidai Geo Tour

At the Geopark, locals can guide you on a journey to find "greatness" (called a "geo tour"). One of the most recommended tours with Akiyoshidai Certified Guide is the trekking along the grassland of Akiyoshidai and the course to explore the limestone cave. Exploration of the cave can be enjoyed anytime except during heavy rains.