A place where the Heike warlords are said to have lived behind

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Kagekiyodo is a cave that was discovered about 1,000 years ago. A precious landmark designated as a natural monument, the cave has two courses: a `` sightseeing course '' that lasts about 700 meters from the entrance, and a 400-meter-dark pitch `` Jingcheon-dong exploration course '' that continues from its end point. There is. A cave that is said to have hidden a Heike warlord, Oba Keisei, who lost in the battle of Dannoura. In the cave, there are many things related to Kagekiyo. The ceilings and walls are wonderfully artistic and you can see fossils such as fusulina, corals and seaweed.

  • 秋芳洞
  • [Gyeongseong-dong exploration course] 400m in total darkness
    Jeongcheon-dong is a flat sightseeing course with a total length of about 1.5 km and about 700 m from the entrance, which is barrier-free and can be used with a wheelchair. This course is where you can explore the cave. (About 400m) OK without reservation! It can be experienced by individuals, small groups and groups. (In the case of a group, there is a guide on request) Why do not you experience the real darkness where you can not see your hands?
    Helmets, headlights and boots can be rented at the reception.
    Gyeongseong-dong exploration course admission fee
    (Including the entrance fee of Gyeongseong-dong)
    Adult (junior high school student and over) 1,400 yen
    Child (elementary school student) 900 yen
    Exploration course required time about 60 minutes

Kagekiyodo DATA
location 3108 Red, Mito-cho, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Entrance time 8:30~17:15
※ Reception until 16:30
Travel time Approximately 60 minutes
Holiday Open year round
Traffic access 5 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi Road `` Edo IC '' via Chugoku Expressway `` Mine Higashi JCT ''
Contact Us TEL: 08396-2-2201

Mine Akiyoshidai Geopark

Geopark is a word that combines "Earth and Earth (Geo)" and "Park (Park)". It means "Earth Park". A place where you can do it. Akiyoshidai Geopark is one of the Japan Geoparks approved by the Japan Geopark Committee.


Mine Akiyoshidai Geo Tour

At the Geopark, locals can guide you on a journey to find "greatness" (called a "geo tour"). One of the most recommended tours with Akiyoshidai Certified Guide is the trekking along the grassland of Akiyoshidai and the course to explore the limestone cave. Exploration of the cave can be enjoyed anytime except during heavy rains.